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2012 Is the End…And the Beginning?

2012 Is the End…And the Beginning?

Easier said than done…but doable all the same.

January arrives to the UK in 45 mins (approx). Wherever you are – 2011 or 2012 or 2045 – your fitness goals are at the top of your list. You want to lose weight, gain weight, lose muscle, gain muscle, etcetera…Just like last year.

Just like last year. And the year before. And the decade before. And, if you’re OLD, decades before…

I admit it. I was in the same place last year….No, I wasn’t. I was close to my goal weight, but I fell WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAY back since January this year (2011).

You did the same thing, didn’t you?

NOTE: If you met your goals (fitness, love, knitting, etc) this year then congrats! Stop looking so damn smug. I could’ve met my goals too if I hadn’t gone on a 12 month binge spree, lost my job, lost my dog (*sob sob*). RANT, I mean, NOTE OVER.

For the so-called failures, what happens now?

It’s up to us.

They, whoever they are, say 2012 is the end. The world’s end, end of an era before the new world order tries to enslave our people, but they WILL lose because we won’t roll over like poodles and be held back from our true potential, our inner chi, our happiness.

Anyway, the world is ending and we’re all screwed…or we thought.

When one fridge door closes, another opens…but not for too long or your food will go off.

This positive mantra also applies to your life.

When one year ends, another starts. If you dwell over the past, you dwell over the past, and dwell over the past, and…go nowhere. When one goal is achieved, another is set. When you screw up one goal, set another, and keep setting them. You don’t have to meet them, but every achievement takes you closer to success. Yes, even when success seems far – too friggin’ far – away.

The end.

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