Many years ago I started Sarcastic Fitness, a blog about the wrong way to be fit. Two weeks later, I got bored and moved on.

Today, we have Cutting Fitness. This blog has the same aim: make fitness fun. I won’t tell you about how to be fit, but how NOT to be fit. Why? Because I want to. And there’s so many websites telling you what to do that telling you what NOT to do seems like more fun. If you’re following the tips on this blog then STOP this instant. Do the opposite of everything I say. Do as I do not as I say.

My posts are meant to be sarcastic, witty, bitchy, funny, blah, blah, blah, just anything but good fitness expertise. I’ll also do product reviews like this one, so if you’ve got a fitness product or program then you’d better watch out. Feel free to send me free stuff products to review and I’ll respond ASAP. Contact me here. Most of my reviews are meant to be humorous, but if your product really sucks then I’ll say so in a pleasant manner.

My website: www.zadagreen.com.